A science that deal with matter and energy. It is often considered the most vital of all the sciences


Chemistry is a branch of science that deal with chemical elements and compounds.


You will learn complex problems in trigonometry, quadratic equations and will learn to use graphs.


Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms.


You will learn about India and the contemporary world. Industrialisation, art, culture and everyday life will also be included.


You will learn about the development of resources in India. Study of Earth and its human and natural complexities


You will start testing your proficiency in reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing.


You will be introduced to concepts relating to money and credit, the globalisation of the Indian economy, and its development.

Hard work




Score higher in your exams

Complete syllabus theory, effective revision notes and comprehensive question bank.

You must be committed to a year of rigorous learning to master the fundamentals of the 10th CBSE Board examination. Every successful student spends a minimum of three hours a day just practising questions. The 10th CBSE Board examination is highly competitive. To develop and master critical skills for it, your child will need your constant support.

Teaching consists of theory coupled with important concepts and fundamentals. Formulae are taught through solved/unsolved examples/illustrations and derivations.

60% of the lecture is concentrated on school syllabus and 40% will be helping the student to solve question based on the base concept from JEE (Main & Advanced).

Appropriate home work is assigned in the form of Practice Problems, Problems from the Sheet and Problems from study material.